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  • 2. Recommendation Use Cases
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There are different use cases for using recommendations. Some typical use cases are:

  • On the home page the most popular products of the week should be shown to every customer.
  • On the product overview page the products that have been sold together (a.k.a. "a customer also bought") should be shown.
  • The shopping cart page should show recommendations matching to the products in the cart.
  • Additionally on the home page and on the shopping cart page a recommendation bar should be placed to show personalized recommendation for the current user.

Every use case refers to a so called "scenario" of the recommender engine. A scenario comprises algorithms and filters that are used to generate recommendations. Scenarios can be used to provide recommendations on different places of a web site.

  For every scenario the recommendation engine provides a unique identifier to fetch the recommendations. By using the recommendation engine's administrator user interface customers can (re)configure every single scenario or create new scenarios.

Every scenario has a code. This code must be used for fetching the recommendation. Visit the developer space for more information how to integrate the recommendation engine into the website.
2a. Fetching Recommendations (deprecated)

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