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  • 9b. Boost Filter
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Additionally to general filters, which remove specified elements from recommendations, the boost filter allows to shift (boost) selected recommended items to the top positions of the recommendation response. This may happen if a selected attribute of the customer has the same value as the selected attribute of the recommended item. For example we can show the news from the home country of a user with higher priority than all the others.

Assuming every item in the picture below has an attribute "country" and a user has an attribute "country_of_origin", the boost filter can be configured like this:


The possible result looks as follow:


This type of filter needs both - item import and user attribute import (see links below).


Pre-requirements for attribute boost filter
Advanced version of recommendation engine
11a. Item Import 
11b. User Attribute Import 

See developer guide for more information to item and user attributes import.
Developer Guide. Chapter 3a. Data Import, Items
Developer Guide. Chapter 3b. Data Import, Users 

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