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If you are not familiar with the usage of recommendations, please read at least the two first pages of the User Guide [1].


The extension is preconfigured and runs immediately after the customer ID and License key are filled in the extension configuration. But the recommendations won't appear immediately. It takes at least 24 hours to get the first recommendations. After about a week the recommendations reach targeted quality. Please be patient...


The Yoochoose recommendation extension is compatible with any design theme. No additional customizing is needed in most cases. Both of the build-in Magento template packages are supported.

  • Package "default" for Magento 1.8 and below
  • Packages "default" and "rwd" for Magento 1.9

Your current Magento design package and design theme can be checked in the Admin Panel under:

System → Configuration → Design → Package

System → Configuration → Design → Themes

The recommendation extension will continue working even if you adjust the build-in package or copy the package after the extension installation.

If you bought and configured a completely new design package (not just a theme, but the whole package), please send us an mail to We will then check if your package is compatible with the extension.


After you installed the extension it is possible that you get a 404 Found Not Found error in the Magento Admin Panel. Please logout and login to solve this problem.

First of all you need to install the Yoochoose Recommendation Engine Extension. This can be done over the Magento Connect [3] webpage (search for "yoochoose"). 

After the installation key is fetched from the Magento Connect webpage, it must be entered in the Magento Connect Manager of your Magento installation. The Magento Connect Manager is located in the Magento Admin Panel under:

System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager


magento installation

After the extension is installed, you must register an account in the Yoochoose webpage.

The registration is straightforward. After it is finished, you will get a customer ID and the license key for the recommendation extension. The extension configuration is located in the Magento Admin Panel under:

System → Configuration → Yoochoose Recommendations

magento installation 2

After you installed the extension you might get a 404 Found Not Found error in the Magento Admin Panel. To solve this problem please logout and login.

Firewall Configuration

Magento Recommendation module needs a permanent connection to the Yoochoose recommendation engine. The engine is composed, among others, by three servers:

  • Event tracking:
  • Recommendation controller:
  • Configuration server (used only in the admin backend):

Both http (port 80) and https (port 443) ports must be open for outbound TCP connections. You must not build the firewall rule based on IP. The Yoochoose infrastructure is located in the AWS cloud and the IP addresses can be changed.

The Magento recommendation module does not provide recommendation caching internally, but the recommendation controller does support modification end expiration headers. Therefore you can configure a local caching proxy for recommendation results. More information to recommendation caching can be found in the Developer Guide [2], chapter Fetching Recommendations.

Account Registration

Before the recommendation engine can be enabled for your web shop, you must register a new Magento account on the Yoochoose web page.

An account contains a default scenario configuration for an average web shop. If you are configuring a highly visited web shop (over a million page requests per month), it makes sense to request Yoochoose GmbH for special consulting and phone support.

Module Configuration

The new credentials generated in the previous step must be entered on the extension configuration page of your Magento web shop. This can be done in the Magento Admin Panel under

/System/Configuration/Yoochoose Recommendation

Please be patient. After the recommendation engine is enabled it takes about a day until the first recommendations are available. The recommendation engine needs to collect statistic information before high quality recommendation can be provided. After the information is available, the recommendation will be automatically displayed. If you are not sure about the quality of the recommendation, you can disable the recommendation boxes for a few days until the engine collects enough information. You can then later enable it manually for a test.

magento configuration

Available Recommendation Blocks

The Yoochoose extension works automatically after installation. It overwrites the existing Magento recommendation blocks and adds two additional blocks.

  • Up-Selling recommendations (on the product details block) shows products the customers bought instead of the current product (for example printer "Canon" instead of "HP").
  • Related products are products customers usually buy together with the current product (for example butter together with bread).
  • Cross selling products are very similar to the related products, but they are calculated based on the customer shopping cart.
  • Bestseller are shown on the home page for all the customers. By default 90 days bestsellers are shown.
  • Personal recommendations are shown to the registered customers or to the anonymous customer with a persistent or long living session. It analyses the purchasing and click history of the customer and suggests new products.

magento examples

Entering the OAUTH Consumer Key and Secret into the Yoochoose Configuration Backend

Please execute the following steps to enter the OAUTH Consumer Key and Secret into the Yoochoose configuration Backend:

  1. Login in
  2.  Click in "Magento" button (1) and then in the configuration icon (2)

  3. The Plugin popup appears where it is asked to insert the the OAUTH Key and OAUTH Secret in the respective fields

  4. These values can be found in the "Magento Admin Panel" > "Yoochoose Recommendations"

  5. Copy & paste them in the previous plugin popup and then click in the "Save Settings and create Token" button. You will then be redirected to the yoochoose site to authenticate the plugin.

  6. You will be requested to authorize access to your Magento Account. Please authorize it clicking in the "Authorize" button. This will finish the process.

  7. Congratulations! Your Magento account is now connected with the Yoochoose Recommendation System.

Development and Maintenance

Further development of the extension is welcome. We have a bitbucket repository located under Don't hesitate to contact us for improvements, bug fixes or anything else related to the extension.


  1. Yoochoose Recommendation Engine User Guide
  2. Yoochoose Recommendation Engine Developer Guide
  3. Magento Connect
  4. Yoochoose Configuration Backend
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