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Your customers expect high quality recommendations. They want to be supported in their purchasing decision and selection process. By using Yoochoose recommendations you increase the usability and the level of professionalism in your online shop. The recommendations present products to the customer he did not anyhow expect to find - in contrast to search.

If you are not familiar with the usage of recommendations, please read at least the two first pages of the Yoochoose User Guide [1]. Otherwise you can proceed with the following steps.

Getting Started

Please read at least two first pages of the User Guide to understand how the recommendation service works.


First of all the Yoochoose plugin must be downloaded from the Shopware Store [3] website. Search for "yoochoose".

After the plugin installation file is downloaded it must be installed using the Plugin Manager interface in the Shopware backend.

Firewall Configuration

The recommendation plug-in needs a connection to the Yoochoose configuration server.

Both http (port 80) and https (port 443) ports must be open for outbound TCP connections. One must not build the firewall rule based on IP. The Yoochoose infrastructure is located in the AWS cloud and the IP addresses can be changed.

The recommendation plug-in loads recommendations using JavaScript from the Browser.

No firewall configuration is needed for event tracking and recommendations rendering.

Account Registration

Before the recommendation engine can be enabled for a web shop, one must register a new account on the Yoochoose web page. →  Button "Register for free"

An account contains a default scenario configuration for an average web shop. If you are configuring a highly visited web shop (over a million page requests per month), it makes sense to ask for the special consulting and phone support by Yoochoose GmbH.

Module Activation

After a new Yoochoose account is created you will get access to the Yoochoose dashboard. You need to copy the the customer ID and license key into the plugin configuration. Both the customer ID and license key will be additionally sent to you per email.

The plug-in configuration is available in the Shopware backend under the Yoochoose button on the top bar

Please be patient. After the recommendation engine is enabled it takes about one day until the first recommendations are available.

The recommendation engine needs to collect statistic information before high quality recommendation can be provided. After the information is available, the recommendation will be shown automatically.

If you are not sure about the quality of the recommendation, you can disable the recommendation boxes for several days (meanwhile the engine collects information on the background), until the engine collected enough information and then you can enable it manually for a test.


Structure and Functionality

The recommendation module is configured with 5 recommendation boxes throughout the shopware shop:

  • Landing-Page recommendations with most popular products
  • Category-Page recommendations with the most popular products in the selected category
  • Product Detail Page 1 recommendations with the products that were bought with the currently displayed product
  • Product Detail Page 2 recommendations with the alternative products that were bought instead of the displayed product
  • Checkout recommendation with the products that are bought with the products from the shopping cart.

shopware_screen Copy

Extended configuration of recommendation scenarios (for example enabling of personalized recommendations) can be done in the Yoochoose Configuration Backend [4]. For more information about different scenarios and configuration options see the User Guide [1]. 

Disabling Embedded Recommendation

The Shopware store provides some basic recommendations out of the box. After Yoochoose recommendations become available it make sense to disable the shopware built-in recommendations.

"Customers also viewed" and

"Customer also bought"

  • Open configuration dialog under Configuration/Cache and Performance
  • Select tab Setting
  • Select in the Tree: Marketing/Referral marketing
  • Uncheck Customer also viewed checkbox
"Top seller"
  • Can be removed in the same setting dialog under Marketing/Top seller
Similar products
  • Similar products cannot be removed over GUI. 
  • Find template file  shopware/templates/_emotion/frontend/detail/index.tpl 
    and remove (comment) the statement include file='frontend/detail/similar.tpl


  1. Yoochoose Recommendation Engine User Guide
  2. Yoochoose Recommendation Engine Developer Guide
  3. Shopware Store
  4. Yoochoose Configuration Backend


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