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The integrated plugin in the plentymarkets installation is deprecated and should be disabled


Your customers expect high quality recommendations. They want to be supported in their purchasing decision and selection process. By using Yoochoose recommendations you increase the usability and the level of professionalism in your online shop. The recommendations present products to the customer he did not anyhow expect to find - in contrast to search.

The plugin contains two modules:

  • recommendation boxes with different types of recommendations and 
  • a search functionality. 

You can use both together or just a single module. If you are not familiar with the usage of recommendations, please read at least the two first pages of the Yoochoose User Guide [1]. Otherwise you can proceed with the following steps.

Getting Started


or use the drect link

Disabling the legacy extension in the plenty backend

 The integrated extension is deprecated and should be disabled in order to avoid duplication of tracking events. Please disable the tracking and recommendation fetching in the configuration settings of your plenty admin backend. 

The plenty manual entry is here: (in german). Click the first link to acces the manual.


The installation is straightforward and can be done in the backend of your plentymarkets installation by adding code snippets in the templates that you want to use.

Loading script on page

Go to the CMS menu > Web design. On the left tree, go to Layout / PageDesign directory. Add the provided script (code block below) to the following pages:

  • PageDesignContent
  • PageDesignCheckout
  • PageDesignCustom
  • PageDesignCustom2
  • PageDesignCustom3



You may need to add it to more design pages depending on your layout theme.


Item View/Detail Page

Add this at the beginning of ItemViewSingleItem template. Enter your licence key that was received after the registration to $_licenceKey


Customizing the design of recommendations

The plugin will render the recommendation with a standard design thay may not fit a customized shop design. There's two possibilities to circumvent that:

  • you put the tracking.js and tracking.css on you local server and adapt the styling (probably the preferred way)
  • you get in touch with us and we try to adapt the design to your needs
  • you implement the rendering by yourself with the information that are delivered by our standard API 2b. Fetching Recommendations V2

Performance Optimizations

Instead of using the endpoint you can of course put a copy of the .js and .css sources on your local server or use the YC CDN.



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